What are the qualities of a good person?


If I will describe the characteristics of a good person, I will follow the general description of the majority and this would point to having good and gentle manners or exhibit simply the exact persona of a well-bred profile.

People who talk gently or assert their points humbly devoid of arrogance would always be pleasing to spend time with. Politeness is a virtue and helpfulness is always admirable.

But wait, those I have cited are mere descriptions of which are noticeable on the outer level. These could be exhibited by anyone who wants to get the approval of the many. People who hold powerful positions in the government and private sectors would do everything to preserve their image.

So in essence, my point is, I would like to expound my thoughts instead by adding the word true as I unravel my points on ‘THE CHARACTERISTICS OF A TRUE GOOD PERSON”.

In brief, I mainly described the possibility that actions could be manipulated to gain sympathy and credence for one’s vested interests. In other words, I choose to admire and label someone good if he is true and has exhibited goodness without waiting for something in return.

The goodness of one man is not advertised, for it is a secret nurturance of the soul to empower man to give beyond himself. Goodness and selflessness are intertwined, the former is the effect and the latter is the fulfillment derived from it. It is a chain reaction. NO good man is selfish.

Our history has many names for goodness embodied by Mahatma Gandhi who gave his life for a peaceful revolution; Sister Teresa who had nothing in mind but to give not only what is material but as well as immaterial, something purely from the soul; Philippine’s national heroes, Dr. Jose Rizal who gave his life to rally for political reform through his writings during the Spanish colonial era in the Philippines and another Filipino martyr, Andres Bonifacio whose heroism was also dedicated to free the Philippines from foreign imperialism; and other names that you could also share based on the general standard of goodness measured more on giving of one’s time sans selfish motives.

To simplify my point: Goodness of one man is true if he does that in private in an effort to mask his identity for his only intention is to comfort other people during their trials, feed the hungry, heal the wounded, prevent war instead of provoking strife and other human deeds that are capable of transforming lives positively.

A true good man may be well-known or not, but to him, it does not matter. He keeps doing what he thinks is good for the many, at any given time, with the best of his abilities. A good man does not give half of what he could afford. He gives everything of what he has even if it means losing his share. For he gives unselfishly and that for him is already a source of self-fulfillment.

(I prohibit the use of this image and my words without my permission. All rights reserved.-Bai Maleiha B. Candao)

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