Exploring the Unseen in Islam


Islam does not believe in ghosts because it contradicts the concept that once the soul departs from the human body, it never returns until the Day of resurrection.

Muslims believe that once a Muslim dies, he or she will enter into another phase of their afterlife existence, known as the Alam Al-Barzakh. 

It is considered the place for all the dead awaiting for the Day of Reckoning. 

But Muslims believe in the existence of the jinn. They were created by Allah before men. Jinn comes from the arabic word which means to conceal. The Holy Quran states their existence in Surah Al-Hijr, 15:26-27.

“Indeed we created man from dried clay of black smooth mud. And we created the Jinn before that from the smokeless flame of fire.”

Created with the free will, Jinns live in our world but they are invisible to the naked eye. The very reason why some people do not believe in their existence.

Some of them are Muslims but owing to their fiery nature, their relationship with men are not smooth as expected.

But certainly, Allah created Jinns for no other reason but to worship HIM. ( Surah Ad-Dhariyat, 51:56).

Outside Islam is the belief in the existence of ghosts. One field of study that is concerned with this phenomenon is called paranormal investigation which originated in 1957 and had parapsychologists as initial members. 

Then in 1969, they became officially affiliated with the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

The fact that there are professionals who are interested in the presence of the occult proves the existence of phenomena beyond scientific explanation.

In my desire to get some truthful information about the existence of ghosts, here are some of the exchanges between me and my dear facebook friends. 

Norman Sison ( he is an active writer, blogger and a member of the media):

“My son saw something at the ceiling of his room when he was four. Same with my daughter”

“What would it be?” I asked.

“My suspicion was it was a friendly visit but my kids got frightened because they did not know what it was. I was later told that I have seven ‘engkantos’ (unseen spirits) in the house.”

Inday Palmaaguada, a dear friend on FB too shared this personal experience and this is her answer to my question if she believes in ghosts:

“Yes…..Jolo mismo. When he was still two (2) years old and I was talking to my sister who just arrived. He (Jolo) asked, “sino ang isang visitor?” (who is the other visitor?). So I asked who because Jolo knew my sister already, and he pointed at the corner to my right and said, “Ayun” (there). We were at the dining table, ha ha..and nobody would be able to sit at that corner unless my sister or I would stand pa. The following morning, we received a telegram, our sister in-law died pala very early in the morning that day. He (Jolo) saw the visitor.”

Bai Fevz Manampan, a scion of the Maguindanao royalty, wrote that when she was still in college, she and her classmates during a thesis defense heard screams from a girl but they never saw the source physically.

Ruby Pearl Dapitan, known charity worker and pro-poor advocate, shared that she felt the presence of her late grandmother who passed away in her absence. Ruby said that she felt her grandmother’s touch on her forehead.

My sources are educated, matured and honest individuals who did not mince or had second thoughts in sharing their personal experience.

My personal experience too has convinced me that if those unseen presence were not ghosts, they maybe they were jinns.

Finally, the most shocking of all accounts is that of my good friend, Pedro Bernaldez. He is an excellent professor based in Korea.

His story:

“There was this time (30 years ago) when my best friend wanted to know what was happening to his hair which was falling prematurely; so we went to his dentist-aunt who was a spiritist. Upon seeing me, the dentist felt I was exuding strong energy and asked me “Are you the son of Eusebio (my father died a few years earlier)?”

I asked how she knew my father’s name but she just smiled. Then she asked me whether I wanted to help my friend, to which I agreed.

She asked me to sit down and relax then close my eyes.She touched my  forehead, I closed my eyes…and felt my body very light…I was beginning to do an astral travel. I was floating like I was an airplane…I could feel the cold evening air…I was traveling over Mayon Volacano’s slopes towards Manila.

I saw below fantastic villages very different from real ones…they were communities of the third dimension. The dentist was asking me what I was seeing and she was explaining what they were. Of course, I already heard of those enchanted “kingdoms” of spirits on Mayon’s slopes.

Then I arrived at UP Diliman and found myself behind the main library. It was in the deep night but “people” were walking (floating) around. I entered the building and went to the third floor. I browsed through the books and found myself staring at the collection of books: a compilation of the works of Edgar Allan Poe. Then a lady tapped my shoulder so I looked at her, she had no face and was wearing a vintage white dress.

Beforehand, I already heard of the white lady in the UP main library when I was a student there so I knew who she was. She just told me to tell my friend: “TAKE CARE OF POE’S BOOKS.” Then I felt all the people in the library moving around in fast motions…my chest was almost bursting and I felt a very severe pain on my forehead.

My body was jolted and I opened my eyes…the dentist’s hand on my forehead was causing the pain. She gave me a glass of water which I drank down and asked for another one. I was panting and sweating profusely.

When I came to my senses, I saw my friend who was very pale but the dentist was just smiling; her two eyes were just two big balls of white. I closed my eyes and when I opened them again, her eyes were already normal.

I told them about my travel to UP Diliman and my friend revealed that his father who died years ago left behind great collections of literary books and there was a collection of books by E.A. Poe. He didn’t remember whether they were actually in the ancestral house in Virac, catanduanes. ( We were both living then in Legazpi City).

The dentist simply said to my friend, “Your father sent a message that you should take care of the books he left behind.” A week later, my friend and I went to their ancestral house where his mom was still living then. Upon arriving, we looked for the books; we found them kept in an old milk box starting to be infested by termites.

We brought them to Legazpi City and my friend cleaned them, put plastic covers and placed in a cabinet in his house. Thereafter, my friend’s hair stopped falling until ten years later when the hair started falling again naturally.

Well, I had still continued to serve as a medium of the dentist for a few months before I left for Korea in 1984 and I stopped being one.

Both those few sessions we had were really amazing experiences since I got introduced to the spirits of the dentist was working with; they were living in those fantastic villages on Mayon’s slopes. In those sessions, I got to meet many spirits who were bothering the clients who went to the dentist.

I was getting hooked down on spiritism then and my travel to Korea saved me from addiction. Nonetheless, I should mention that the spirits followed me here in Korea, when I was still a student but the Koreans were finding me weird so when I visited Legazpi in 1986, I had to beg the dentist to set me free because I was getting disturbed. Luckily, she agreed. I am having goose bumps writing this now.”

It is always hard to discuss things beyond scientific explanation since we all operate based on technical and scientific processes that would best define what reliable and trusted information should be.

However, as a Muslim, it was stated in the Holy Quran that Allah send the Prophets to teach mankind wisdom.

Sahih Muslim, Book 35, Number 6518 says:

“Whosoever follows a path to seek knowledge therein, Allah will make easy for him a path to Paradise.”