Everybody Lies?

I promised myself to go offline until the Eid. Unfortunately, as I was about to go to my room, I passed by the television and saw Senator Tito Sotto featured on the issue of plagiarism.

It was a word war between her and Sarah Pope, the blogger who accused the senator of plagiarizing her in the speech he delivered on the Reproductive Health Bill.

While the senator denied that accusation of Sarah Pope, his chief of staff admitted otherwise.

For those of you who want to know the complete details of this story, please follow this link: [http://www.femalenetwork.com/celebrities/tito-sottos-camp-admits-using-sarah-popes-blog/]

What else is new? Many people do engage with habitual lies, white or big lies, all LIES.

My reflection is on the comment of Senator Sotto’s chief of staff about the implication of his perception of a blogger, as if a blogger does not deserve an iota of respect.

He stated that Sarah Pope was slighted because her name was not mentioned, hence it is the issue of her “sensitivity” that is being pushed forward as the dominating reason, when in fact, we are talking of intellectual rights and the preservation of such.

I have been a blogger since 2007, a community editor-publisher, a former editor-in-chief of our college paper and a local columnist/publicist in Cotabato City.

My life as a writer is important for me. Every word I used comes not only from my brain cells but from my heart as well. Likened to food preparation, my writing procedure is always packed with utmost truth and sincerity. The only consolation I get is for my readers to connect with me and appreciate the piece of my soul that I have shared with them.

While on facebook, I  must admit that there were two times that my intellectual right was infringed on by some insensitive and disrespectful users of the social site, but they were uneducated and have characters who view respect as an alien terminology or toxic to their concept of human virtue.

I fought for my rights. It made me focus on correcting the misdeed by reporting those thieves to the FB administration and asked my friends to report them too. Facebook removed the questioned post from their personal accounts within twenty-four hours.

I can relate with Susan Pope as a blogger and writer. What happened between her and the Senate Majority Floor Leader Tito Sotto is not a question of mere sensitivity but of propriety and respect no matter who the writer or source of the original material is.

Everybody can lie about anything and we are helpless in this situation. However, there is such thing as compassion and humane consideration for the works of other people. A kind attribution will not make a great man less but will indeed make a man greater than what he is.