Moving On Beautifully


Ladies, I talk to you from my heart.

This article can be you, expressing your repressed thoughts.

This article might be conveying the right words you wish not to speak at the moment.

My dear, I know how you feel.

Getting emotionally stuck for someone? Not good.

Missing someone who has already moved on? Not good.

Wanting to go back to the arms of the wrong person? Not good.

Let me guide your thoughts. I know you have much wisdom, but a friend’s care and loving presence will not hurt, right?

Feelings will continue to hurt if you give more time for it, but if you divert your attention to something worthwhile other than your sentimental self, you can move on as fast as you want.

So dear ladies, here are some quick reality-check tips to shorten your personal agony.

1. Are you sure he is grieving at the moment of parting? Perhaps your special someone has a new one waiting for him. Forget about losing him. Focus on yourself and forget the closed door. Consider it a blessing in disguise.

Perhaps it was best for you to enter a new door that can bring you fulfillment and happiness. Look at the closed door as locked sadness.

So never let it escape again and seize you.

2. He is not the only man in this world. Please stop saying that he is the only man you can ever love. Yay! That is not true, beautiful friend.

Get off your sentimental self and fly. Always be kind and positive and fate will bring you the man of your dreams. Never settle for anything less.

3. Pain can linger so cut it short. Divert your mental focus and personal energy. Give time to those who love you unconditionally.

4. Stay positive and stop overthinking. I have been there and it can make you stupid.

Simplify your thoughts. If the relationship did not work, forget it. If you hate his memories, bury them. The most important thing is moving on, and doing it beautifully.

There are more tips but I will leave it to you to figure them out. You are one awesome and empowered lady, you can do it.

I have been there. Done that. And I say YEYEY!

Oh….I know I will fall in-love again. Promessa.