Float above constraint



My literary contribution to the Linkedin community is to level with all backgrounds– touching souls by communicating with the heart.

I may talk about politics once in a while, but most of my articles will delve on soulful connection–the unification of the intellect and the soul.

You can label me as a soulful writer–for I seek to confront wisdom not by quantitative analysis. Yet I am aware that knowledge is diverse and must always be measurable.

Perhaps, I gravitate towards Einstein’s call for imagination as better than knowledge, but the latter is always required to further the paintings of the mind.

My thrust is more on understanding thyself. To master life is to master thyself.


FLOAT? Float for what or for whom? For what is the relevance of thy float?

I used the word ‘float’ with reference to pressures in life. Hence, I say, you can ‘float above constraint’.

Are you not tired of listening to endless arguments sustained by human ego and the unending struggle for peace to end all conflicts?

Every man can control his destiny through the power of his mind. The ability to face life pressures with confidence to conquer all fears and worries with mental strength is just one of the important actions of ‘floating above constraints’.

I trust in YOUR ability to apply this to your personal life for fate gives us ways and means to diversify our actions when we try to balance the inner and outer pressures in our respective lives.

No matter what you do, never let anything or anyone pull you down and succumb to the pressures of life.

Strive hard to float and not to sink when life becomes heavy to your mind and soul.

I hope this article is able to touch your life today. Love and peace!