I used to say…

I used to say that kindness should be unconditional, it must reach everyone no matter where they are and whoever they are. But later on, that belief has changed. Personal experience has taught me the truth about kindness.


When I joined Facebook, this philosophy has been my guide in my social interaction, both with strangers and true friends. The premise with the latter is never to judge anyone not unless they have proven me otherwise. With my true friends, it has always been an enriching interaction, by heart. I trust and love them unconditionally.

I was told several times in the past not to trust strangers and I knew that all along but if I limit myself only to those I know, then how can I spread my advocacy. So I continued to welcome strangers but with limitations, civility is always a mark of people with good breeding.

Then out of that reminder I have learned a lesson that my kindness could be mistaken as a permission for a bisexual to get persistent to woe me.  I eventually blocked her on Facebook, Flickr, Linkedin and in all my other online sites.  But that slanderer is still wallowing in bitterness using her FB space to slander me.

Some men too tried to win my affection online too and my rejection of their proposal made them bitter and full of sarcasm. Since then I do not respond to personal messages not unless I know them well. I never opened my messages from strangers.

I used to say that Kindness should be unconditional, but I need to rephrase my statement with this:

Kindness is unconditional with people who deserve it. Some will naturally see my kindness as a form of weakness or even find that as a signal for them to continue their personal motives against my personal principles. So it has to be conditional with strangers, but unconditional with my true friends.


Oh yes, I am aware about the humane aspect of kindness when we have to be one even if we are in the midst of cruel and selfish individuals.

It is not a problem to me. We come to this world to serve for Islam is community service–SERVICE ABOVE SELF.

I follow the teachings of the dear Prophet Muhammad (swt) but with discernment. For Islam encourages the Muslim Ummah to seek knowledge as well and be well-educated. Islam gives high value for knowledge for it is for our own good. The right knowledge can guide our actions and decisions.

As a Muslim, I always work for the best of others. I have faith in dear Allah’s (swt) guidance for I know that despite of the fact that I feel so loved by my friends and family members, there will always be one or two who will not be pleased with what I do. ENVY is the demon lurking in anyone’s heart and can eventually eat the host if they will not rise above it.

Who we are comes second. It is what we do and how we treat people that comes first. This is my lifetime principle.


Charity Beyond Faith


This article is a tribute to the kindheartedness of my non-Muslim friends who never wasted a single minute to help my fellow Muslims in need  of help sometime in June of 2011, when a natural calamity hit the province of Maguindanao and City of Cotabato . My heart shall always remember them as long as I live.

Ingersoll said: We rise by lifting others. I submit.

The Book: Real Life

Real life is an excellent book authored by my dear friend, Dolly Palisada. The photo shows that Dolly featured my personal message,  to convey the importance of doing charity amidst the challenges that confronted the team of the Tabang Maguindanao Bayanihan– an online group which I created on Facebook to help the poor flood victims.

My message spoke of the need for the initiative of the private sector to assist those in need and do it without delay. Hence, we must not depend on the government to help when the need arises if we can act decisively for the helpless.

The book also shares the wonderful stories of great individuals who went out of their way to touch lives.


I was expecting the response of some peope to doubt my motive and color it politically because I come from a family of politicians and those threatened by the popularity of my cause will not see me as an ally.

However, it did not deter my determination to prove that even without the resources of the government, we can deliver help, no matter how small.

Perhaps, it was the impetus needed for everyone to start doing their share, more so because they are obligated to do it for they have sufficient funds from the government’s coffer.

Objective minds need to prevail over small mindedness. Great minds as we all know seek to solve problems and not dwell in it.

Beyond Qatar

After creating Tabang Maguindanao Bayanihan (TMB) on Facebook on June 4, 2011, My Kuya Ben Leano, a brother beyond blood and one of my truest friends, assisted me by linking up with the Reform the Arm Movement (RAM) of Danny Tan. RAM decided to use their office to receive donations from Metro Manila. Truly touching.

Dolly,  and another equally committed friend, Ruby Dapitan, helped me collect relief items such as old clothes and other things needed by the flood refugees. Ruby is based in Qatar  but despite the geographical distance, nothing stopped her to help the victims who were ninety percent Muslims. What truly impressed me about Ruby, Dolly and my other Non-Muslim friends, was their unconditional support to the victims.

Those two friends of mine truly represented the beautiful spirit of humanity.

The group was joined by Joel Ganibe, Mike Portes, Marlene Damolo-Howe and other great friends and we bonded as one for the plight of the Muslim and non-Muslim flood refugees. Our group effort and solid commitment found its way to the refugee centers of Cotabato City and Maguindanao where we distributed the relief goods for the people urgently needing help.


Beyond Faith

I will forever be grateful to my Tabang Maguindanao Bayanihan family for crossing the borders of faith and helping me unconditionally. I am of the belief that there is no border nor a boxed definition of what kindness should be. Allah (swt) has made everything possible because He wanted to remind everyone, regardless of faith, that humanity is an inclusive reality.

I have been doing my private works in 2012 until the present, but not as a group representing Tabang Maguindanao Bayanihan.  The group stopped its activity before the end of 2011. I decided to work privately  knowing that the other members are also preoccupied with their individual tasks. But I know they will always be there again for another collective action.

Allah (swt) has been helping me with the personal funds I  need. Not much but at least, I can feed not more than thirty poor children when I have to. Sourced from the donation of my own family members. It is now a family activity in the name of dear Allah (swt). Alhamdullilah.

No matter how small my effort is, it is the joy of knowing that I can touch lives, and seeing the smile of the recipients of my charity works– mothers and kids from the poor sector.

Charity is a part of Islam and every Muslim is obligated to do their share.

The Holy Quran [9:60] says:

Charities(Sadaqaat) shall go to the poor, the needy, the workers who collect them, the new converts, to free the slaves, to those burdened by sudden expenses, in the cause of Allah, and to the traveling alien. Such is GOD’s commandment. GOD is Omniscient, Most Wise.


Let Allah (swt) guide your heart

Allah (swt) has provided the right partner for each woman and he will be the key to bring you closer to Allah (swt). Please stay away from the man who will destroy your Iman.

No matter how good-looking or educated a man is, if he does not have Allah (swt) in his heart, he is not the right one for you.

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Serve Allah (swt) more

Serve Allah (swt) more than yourself..

What I want to say is a loving sisterly advice as your partner in elevating the consciousness of every Muslim to a higher level with the guidance of the Holy Quran.

Have you notice how many of us look forward to a new dress in anticipation of the Eidl Fitr after a month of fasting? How much does one new dress cost in the Philippines? Probably a minimum of five hundred pesos. If you use the money to buy foods for the needy, you will serve not only the needy but also our dear Allah (swt) as well. As a Muslim, are you willing to spend your money for selfless endeavors?

Islam preaches strongly about selflessness–to think beyond yourself. To use the chance you get to touch other lives. To use your personal resources if you have the means to feed the hungry.

But in many societies of humankind, we see only charity when the motive is for personal vested interest. Sadly, we only see the passion for personal gains, but not for the betterment of the entire community, unconditionally.

I do not like to sound like a hypocrite, not needing funds for my daily needs. We are all wanting what we do not have, but as a Muslim, we need to remind ourselves that there are many people who could not eat on time, if not at all.

Many people are living below poverty line and they have chosen to die in their abodes because they have no money for hospital fees. They just decided to spend their few pesos for the cost of their interment. Look at how poverty scars the fate of the poor.

Islam worries so much for the poor that is why the last Prophet of Islam, Nabi Muhammad (pbuh), told his wife, Aisha, not to stay away from the poor for in the Akhira, they are the chosen and most favored ones.

So my fellow Muslims, let us spend our extra money for the poor for Allah (swt) will reward you in the Akhirah, Insa`Allah.

Pray with your heart and worry not if you have to use the same clothes last year for the next Eid. 🙂

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The Agony of a Muslim



If you are a Muslim, it is hard to find serenity in your soul if what you see everyday are bloody images from oppressed citizens in Palestine, Yemen, Syria, Burma and other countries occupied by terrorists in the name of business and politics.

Then someone would pinch your conscience, as if you were insensitive and blind to other faiths whose people were also victims of evil extremists using Islam as an excuse for their heinous crimes.

As if they were telling you that it is not only Muslims who suffer, for even non-Muslims do. Hence, to appease your critics, you tell the truth that you do not intend to discriminate whom to sympathize with.

Not every non-Muslim knows that most of the Muslims cry in their homes whenever they see victims of injustice and their tears do not flow after knowing the victims were Muslims but they grieve because another innocent member of humanity was a victim of human cruelty.

But this is one truth that everyone in this page should learn to understand:

Whenever we pray, we think not only of ourselves and our families but even our fellow Muslims who are too far to reach.

ISLAM IS ALL ABOUT SERVICE TO THE COMMUNITY. It is a faith that teaches all Muslims to reach out to fellow Muslims and if possible, take care of each other’s needs. It is in the Holy Quran that we have to prioritize the poor, the needy and the helpless.

It is a commitment of every Muslim to defend the oppressed members of the Ummah.

You can attack a tribe in the Islamic community, even demonize them as a divide and rule tactic. but as a member of the Ummah they will unite in the name of Allah (swt) before the day ends. They open and end the day praying to dear Allah (swt). How can they forget their fellow Ummah?

That is the WHOLE TRUTH.

~ Princess Maleiha B. Candao
November 29. 2015

Amazing Speech of Hazleton on Islam

May the light of peace shine upon you to warm your soul just like what I feel now after watching this EXCELLENT masterpiece of a NON-MUSLIM.

Her name is Lesley Hazleton.

Amazing speech that reveals how she understands the Holy Quran.

I recommend that you share this with your friends.

Amazing Speech of Hazleton on Islam

Love and peace to all.