How to be happy?




Happiness is a decision

no matter what is happening around you. You must decide to be happy and how to do that are as follows:

1. WAKE UP everyday with the determination to seize the day. What to seize? Anything connected with your passion. The most important word: CONNECT.


2. IGNORE your detractors. He he he.

Let them waste their time thinking of you. It is flattering indeed to know that someone is spending time and effort to think of you. Enjoy their attention.

3. CONFRONT the universe with your advocacy. No matter what that is that can help other people must be sustained. NO matter where you are: online, offline, in your work place, with your friend, on the street, at the top of the mountain. WHEREVER YOU ARE.

4. SMILE. Look at the people

you talk to straight to their eyes. Communicate with your heart.

5. PRAISE people when they deserve. DO NOT criticize people negatively in public.

6. SPEAK UP. Let people know your mind and heart. Be transparent because it will free your heart from the burdens you keep.

7. UNLOAD your negative baggage and FLY.