A woman to woman talk

A woman to woman talk

Since I have dedicated my time to write for peace through motivating and inspiring people to adopt a positive view of life, my fellow women are always in the center of my advocacy.

My bias for mothers or women in general has been carried on to my charity works by desiring to have more women on my recipient list.

It is not unnatural for a woman like me to feel for them because I understand their woes and pains. I am a mother and fought strongly to be liberated from a wrong relationship.

I own my faults for my personal flaws but I would not submit to a relationship that would not allow my growth. No law or man can repress me for I shall rise.

On facebook, I bring the thought of empowerment seriously so I created a facebook page for this.

The main idea is to have a space where ideas and suggestions meet, where problems are analysed pro-actively.

Re-accentuating my point that I feel for my fellow women, I am referring to a sector of women that understands their rights and privileges.

Women who want to stand up for their shared privileges in this world that would enhance their persons. Women who know what selfless community service means and not those who parade their physical assets to cater to the lust of men.

Women who respect their bodies, minds and soul. Women who are dignified in many ways and not those who merely depend on men’s love and approval which stifles their opportunity to advance their minds and spirit. One can love but must not surrender her personal liberties. The thing called “freedom” is the sanity of existence. This sense of “liberty” shapes every woman’s concept of herself.

Strong headed as I am, my spirit would always rise no matter how many times I fall. With this disposition, I share with my fellow women the beauty of life defined by them and not by others.

I understand that I am a Muslimah, but my faith will not stop me from reaching out to all the women of the universe. For my religion is not a block to understanding the plight of women. The Almighty Allah shall guide my advocacy of peace and interfaith co-existence. My conscience shall carry no discrimination, racism and hate.I have survived a lot of experiences in life that tested my outlook. Never once did I give up and submit myself to a situation that killed me figuratively. Agony in life is a test, it is not a lock to stop you from conquering your own weakness.

Rise up and be strong. Never tell yourself that fate is above you. You are your fate. God only guides. Choices are in your hands.

Love has come to me, in its real essence. However, I always have the mindset to free what is not fulfilling. Love is always an experience of letting go and not holding on. Perhaps, if I know that what is being offered to me is true, fair and has a future, then love will conquer me. I know that it is before me now with Allah’s guidance. I leave everything to the Almighty Allah.

The “future” I am referring to is about having one goal and vision while in a relationship. It means having one goal for the same advocacy for it will surely occupy most of my time and if my partner will think more of himself then I would be imprisoned in a relationship that would not allow me to reach out to others .

At first glance, some relationships look promising but as days go deeper and difference of interests becomes clear, the future looks gloomy.

My dear sisters, I am writing with utmost sincerity to tell you that what you are experiencing in life is not new to me. Let me remind you that you are more powerful than any sad experience in your life. Thou shall not surrender to challenges.

Stand up with a smile.

Life is a beautiful journey only if you sustain a mindset that views struggles as the shaping of your internal strength;or that every sad experience as a test of your endurance.

There is always God to pray for. He will not forsake you. Keep building your faith in Him and in yourself.

You have to stand alone if you must but always be humble of your worth. Let those around you appreciate you but keep your opinion of yourself in silence. You are not the right person who should talk of your achievements, let those whose lives you have touched confirm that.

Fellow woman, I am here. if you share my advocacy and my principles, I welcome you to my world. As long as our friendship will not serve any other purpose other than helping others, I will be here to be a true friend. For anything noble, selfless and true deserves utmost attention.


I am a woman, therefore I am here for my fellow women.


It will pass….

You will get hurt but it will pass. You will be pained but it will pass. Nothing is permanent in this world, my dear. One thing that you need to count on is yourself–your ability to rise after a fall.

Please always move on with grace. Life is beautiful only if you would not fail to exist. There are many things on this world that you can do..because you need to believe in yourself before anyone else can believe in you.

Rise above the hurts my dear. For everything must pass but you need to remain standing, with a greater determination.

I have faith in you, my dear. 🙂

The Equal Mind

This image was sourced from the internet. What captured my attention is how the owner wanted to convey his/her thoughts. Every photograph has a message and this one seems weird but quite effective in grabbing attention.

I find it eerie but fascinating. The goth community loves images of this kind. They are always misunderstood but they have a different culture that is weird for most of us. Like other sectors of this society, we need to study their culture before we judge them. To understand the perspective of those called “weird” might be a refreshing experience. After all, we want the same for our advocacy and principles as well.

Our society is always bias to what has popular following. In return, we have forgotten that the truth is not always popular or self-serving, but it is deserving of acknowledgement. We cannot segregate the unpopular truth from its opposite. We need to build an institution that embraces an “equal mind.”

What is an Equal Mind? An equal mind does not advance uniformity nor unchallenged perception. I am always for a healthy debate and objective understanding of any system. My idea of a equal mind is something that addresses “equal footing and equal opportunities and rights.” No one can argue about equal rights because it is provided for in the Philippine Constitution (read: I was born in the Philippines).

I just brought up this issue to invite you to think more deeply on setting the perimeters of social status on the zero level. I am not saying that we should ignore those who have more personal achievements than the rest. What I am exactly saying is for us to consider thinking that the government resources should be shared equally and that everyone, regardless of their status in life, should have a fair say on the running of their respective community affairs.

Sadly, this is not new to most of us. We are all aware of this. That is why many street activists drumbeat ” equality” as a must in our socio-political mainstream. It is a fact that when we want to institutionalize fairness, we want equality.

I might sound idealistic but my point is too practical to label as technical. In your daily interaction, you can apply this mentality when you have government funds to divide, and let those who have less have more.

This is just a reminder that in the eyes of God, everyone is equal.

Float above constraint



My literary contribution to the Linkedin community is to level with all backgrounds– touching souls by communicating with the heart.

I may talk about politics once in a while, but most of my articles will delve on soulful connection–the unification of the intellect and the soul.

You can label me as a soulful writer–for I seek to confront wisdom not by quantitative analysis. Yet I am aware that knowledge is diverse and must always be measurable.

Perhaps, I gravitate towards Einstein’s call for imagination as better than knowledge, but the latter is always required to further the paintings of the mind.

My thrust is more on understanding thyself. To master life is to master thyself.


FLOAT? Float for what or for whom? For what is the relevance of thy float?

I used the word ‘float’ with reference to pressures in life. Hence, I say, you can ‘float above constraint’.

Are you not tired of listening to endless arguments sustained by human ego and the unending struggle for peace to end all conflicts?

Every man can control his destiny through the power of his mind. The ability to face life pressures with confidence to conquer all fears and worries with mental strength is just one of the important actions of ‘floating above constraints’.

I trust in YOUR ability to apply this to your personal life for fate gives us ways and means to diversify our actions when we try to balance the inner and outer pressures in our respective lives.

No matter what you do, never let anything or anyone pull you down and succumb to the pressures of life.

Strive hard to float and not to sink when life becomes heavy to your mind and soul.

I hope this article is able to touch your life today. Love and peace!

Elitism is a NO for me

You might find this article repulsive if you have an elitist view of things.

Or if you are a royalty who thinks that material possessions is the in thing about society.

You might also reject my assertion that titles are not for boasting but for working.

You see, I belong to a pure royal lineage but my mind is anti-elitist. Oh, it is not being against the rich and powerful for I respect status differences, but I reject the idea of increasing the gap between the rich and the poor.

The idea that I stand for is to work for the betterment of the downtrodden for it is them who deserves our attention and compassion. To ignore their plight and avoid taking responsibility for them is not fair in the eyes of God and men.

The call for elitism or to be identified as elite seems to be the fetish these days.

While I respect that right of any pure blood royalty to do their actions as a right to their freedom of expression, I do not submit to consume my energy fighting for the cause of the rich for I would rather work for the impoverished.

There are many people in this country dying out of hunger. Money consumed for extravagant gatherings could be spent to feed the hungry evacuees in the province of Maguindanao or in other places where the poor suffer most.

I hope those Datus and Bais or their Royal Highnesses will find time for the needy.

We are all responsible to decrease the gap between the rich and the poor.

And if you claim to be a leader of your people, you should feel for them and exhaust all your efforts to alleviate their sufferings




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I speak the truth..

Never in my life have I stopped struggling for explanations, no matter how misleading some minds have become owing to personal bias as a result of differences in faith and principles in life.

I call myself an intellectual activist because I refuse to be easily convinced by the superficial images before my eyes.

If there is an established connection between man’s motive and his actions to commit an intentional injustice, then there is a need to fight for Peace in a diplomatic and civil manner.

It is my belief that the mind is capable of embracing all ideologies even if it violates its nurtured philosophy, and this is the needed action in order to promote peace– to respect all people regardless of their political creed and faith.

I want peace. I do not take sides in the name of truth. If I know that injustice has been done to a loved one,I shall leave no stone unturned without fighting for the truth. It is our truth against their propaganda. No leader can make me cow down.

The protagonist in my eyes is the fair and humble man who wants peace at all cost and the antagonist is the man who wants war to institute his personal vested interest in the guise of using a noble cause, while inside his soul is the decaying fiber of hatred and anger.

I am a writer for peace and someone who stands up for the truth.