Thank you, ANONYMOUS


I woke up with a smile on my face knowing that I am not alone in my Truth advocacy after seeing the Anonymous’s declaration of war against Donald Trumph–the loud bigot who wants to seize the United States of America.

Trump’s racist slur and his call to ban all Muslims from entering the United States despite the fact that he has business dealings with the Islamic world makes me puke.

Thank you, Anonymous. Thank you for your just response to the verbal offense and bigotry of Trump. Your presence in the net will help discipline politicians like Trump to behave in a manner expected of someone aspiring for a responsible position. An irresponsible character like Trump does not deserve the Presidency of the United States.

Trump’s candidacy leaves more questions to me. His style of campaigning addresses the silent majority of Islamophobes who hate Muslims mainly out of hate despite the appeal to reason from objective camps.

Who or which powerful group or powers that be that want him to win? Is it not a fact that those who control the world resources want someone they can manipulate to grab the Presidency. Not someone they can be constantly battling to sustain their existence.

I am not only referring to the Illuminati, and this is not all about conspiracy theory. This is all about the truth. While some factions deny the existence of the “Illuminati” but majority believe they are lurking above the world economy, I remain open to the idea that there are powerful blocs who want to run the world and they may not be necessarily the “Illuminati”.

I live in the Philippines, a country which many credible observers dubbed as the puppet of the United States. From getting foreign funds to its implementation, the United States is always present in all the affairs of this government. So why should I not raise this issue if I can personally relate for my family has been a victim of lies spread in the past relative to the Liguasan Marsh.

Read more about it here:

My family was identified as interested in the Liguasan Marsh when I, being a member of my family, can attest that it was a concoction of lies with the help of some political groups in the Province of Maguindanao in the past, who wanted us to be out of the political equation.

No need to name names but the truth shall manifest itself for dear Allah (swt) will always render HIS justice, slowly but sure. We know what the truth is and we shall stand for it.

As a truth advocate, it is my duty to state the facts more so if you spread lies about my own family.

It is just a choice between tolerating lies or standing up for the truth.

We all have the equal rights to bare the truth and those who chose silence over the truth will have no one to blame but themselves.

Back to your great work, Anonymous. Thank you for standing up for the oppressed. ❤

In this world where Muslims are seen as the bad people, my heart always bleeds with the fellow Ummah who have to bear with the Islamophobes, bigots and plain haters. Reports of being violently mauled for being Muslims add pain in my heart.

Thank you, ANONYMOUS, for showing to the world that what is happening to the Islamic world is not just. Thank you for defending the Muslims from Trump. I know that  most of those who have great minds and hearts are known as ANONYMOUS. Thank you for believing in the preservation of good humanity, of which we all play an important role.

May justice and peace reign in this world. Often said but easier said than done.  But I chose to have faith in the goodness of humanity, no matter what.