Brief Notes

Am I Indebted?

Am I Indebted to humanity? I am assured of my relevance for am I not an inspiration?

But to define what inspires you is not the mind in focus but the heart. If I inspire you, then I have touched your heart.

Perhaps I am indebted to humanity. Life is a responsibility beyond self. However, I owe myself some moments of solitude. It allows me to hear quiet voices, in silence.

Seeing the product is better than words merely written or said.

One can say he loves you, but inside he knows it is a lie. True love is not spoken or hidden for you can stand up for it anytime.

We ladies must not be easily swept by romantic words for those are empty without actions.

Go for the love that you can proudly speak of, not the love that merely speaks.

~Princess Maleiha Bajunaid Candao