Why will you vote for Duterte?


People all over the Philippines have one prominent name in their minds  when asked who will they vote for in the coming 2016 national polls. It is no other than, Rodrigo Duterte. Who does not know about Duterte? He is in every page of the newspapers in the Philippines and has always been featured in foreign sites for his controversial statements about summary executions.

But please do not judge the man not unless you know the entire truth about his leadership, both the unwritten and written ones. There is more to know about him than the political write-ups sprouting in the social media favoring other candidates. Duterte has admitted that he is not a rich man and he is not capable of sustaining a high-cost of media campaign. Unlike his rich opponents, he could not rely on anyone else to campaign for him but those who believe in the change he can bring to this country.

That is the big difference between Duterte and his political adversaries. The people is campaigning for him, not the media. Amazing faith in his person.

Let us ask his supporters why they prefer Duterte over other candidates.

These are their answers:

Ma Regina Sevilla  Because he’s brilliant, compassionate, has a big heart, true to his feelings, totoong Tao siya and he’s amazingly unique!

Aida Edding Igasan  I want to vote for Duterte is because he has a soft heart for us Bangsamoro.He may not be Muslim but he is the only leader I know who sends pilgrimage to Mecca for those deserving ang practising Muslim and I have to thank him for that.My uncle’s husband performed his hajj all for free with allowance courtesy of Mayor Duterte.He is the only presidential candidate who deserves to run and manage the problems of this country with the support of everyone of course.Discipline is what the country needs not Democracy and Duterte has it all.

Tatang Sapal He is one in a million among all politicians! His concern is for the comfort of the people of Davao, not his belly and pocket,He is a man of INTEGRITY.Natural born Leader,humble,with golden heart for the needy ones.

Jamid Mopac He is a true person and has true concern for the Filipinos.

Anisa Taha He has the proof of leadership in Davao, it is the real evidence of political will. If he can manage the largest City in the world then he can manage also the entire country if given a chance.

Dolansz Alegre  because i think, he’s the only one who has the guts to genuinely implement the law, equally and without impartiality.

Dann Al-Moro because of his unique strategy/approach among rebels.

Jihan C. Panda  Because I want him to manage the country (Philippines)like how he managed Davao City. He is the only Presidential candidate that is not a traditional politician.

Ibrahim Kamenza Ibn Bituanan The country needs a determined and sincere president to lead and that is DUTERTE.

Treke Panda Mustapha Action speaks clearer than words. We saw his kind of governance.

Essa Abdulmalik I wouldn’t mind his uncouth expletives and unholy alliance with the left. But he is the only candidate who has the will to extricate the country from its Sisyphean predicament of governance, from Presidential Unitary into Parliamentary Federal. Total revamp of the legislative body is indicative of his reform plan for our country’s political landscape rooted in patronage rather than in meritocracy.

Mai Mi Manalu He is a tested leader and a man of his words.

Aemon Arcayena I will vote for him because I’m hoping so much that peace is in his hands for Mindanao because  he is from Mindanao.

Perlas Ng Silanganan  He speaks his mind and lay his cards on the table. He presents solutions he feels will be for the common good and he has the welfare of the masses in mind above all.

Roaida Bantas For the first time in Philippine history, a candidate like Duterte knows and understand well the struggles and sacrifices of the people of Mindanao. He does not discriminate (the Muslims) unlike the other candidates.

Darping Jov Anta-Kansi Because his running for president and The real possibility that HE CAN WIN should make those who have taken human rights and due process for granted now to take them seriously.

Alfredo N. Teocson  Few men have “green thumbs”….but he is one that strongly aims heaven high.

Kendi Arsitio He is not perfect.. Very far in being perfect to be exact. But for me, he is the least evil among them. And I believe in his governance. May puso sa mga batang may sakit, may malasakit sa kapwa, a firm leader.

Byken Mangelen Duterte is the reason why am resurrected to exercise my freedom of suffrage after more than a decade.

Harun Musa  Duterte is not a US puppet. This is what I like most about him.

There are more who would want their thoughts known but my space will not be able to accommodate them.

The political race in the Philippines come 2016 is quite different from the usual where candidates compete for prime time exposure on television and they get to be talked about. This time, Duterte is hugging the news feeds of the netizens especially on Facebook, and they create memes for their favored candidate. Defending him against his critics.

If change is the very reason why the country has suddenly come to one decision, at least the majority of the Filipinos, or perhaps sixty percent of the population want him in the palace (read: latest survey says Duterte tops the presidential race) then I think we know who will win in 2016.





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