Why Is Media Bias to Politics?


Media needs to be bias to politics for everything that encompasses human interaction is politics. If you think that you do not exercise “politics” in your family, then that means your definition of politics is centered only on the people in the government.

Both those inside and outside the government are political in their ways, whether they are aware of it or not. Politics is an act of arriving at a group decision. It exists everywhere. Not only in the government but even in the corporate world as well.

The process involved in decision making is embracing all ideologies to balance a collective stand on an issue. But since the political world sums up to power and oftentimes leading to abuses, the media is therefore encouraged to monitor all events toward this end. From the decisions of a local representative in Congress to the person who sits as president, everything becomes a property of the public for they are partly involved in the selection of those personalities ruling them.



In politics there is so much power entrusted to the hands of the few. Media needs to closely watch how such power is being used. Is it use for the advantage of the people or for the vested interest of the few? The media shall reveal the events as they unfold before the public and the reaction of the people shall determine the effect of political decisions in their midst.

In other words, media is the check and balance mechanism in every state.

Ordinary people are not authorized to report facts. Only the licensed media must report or write about it. The public always look up to a credible media group that reports from neutral grounds and does not at all present slanted news to favor a certain group or religion.

I am talking of ideal media, the one that does not slant. In truth, however, this is not the case. Certain broadcast outlets covering the international scene display bias for a certain religious group. This should not be the case.

The fourth estate plays a pivotal role in shaping the history of one nation and therefore it is a must that media should be present at all times, on the spot–the media is where the news is. Presence means verification. Witnessing events as they happened is truthful and credible.


Political power is more often than not causing grave injustice to the helpless and hapless. Politicians can afford to become a terrorist anytime at their behest. This is a matter that needs media attention to prevent it from happening. By exposing the atrocities committed by political terrorists, we define the measures of justice and we therefore effect it for those people who could not speak for themselves.

Why blame only lawless elements for unsolved crimes happening in the midst for even lawful people use their legal authorities to circumvent law and justify their human rights abuses.

Those in power are very much capable of causing terrorism by justifying the presence of armed men around them as their “security force” which they used to make the people cow down with fear. Hence, they enjoy being unopposed.


Who would dare to fight a group of armed men whose authority to coerce are authorized by their politician masters. That is why the media must come out strongly to expose such incidents to protect the helpless who are always the weak victims of political terrorism.


It is important to accentuate that those who fight for justice and convey the real truth are those who have the dignity and loyalty for their profession. Many journalists could be bought by money to ensure their silence.


The oath of every true media man is to uphold honesty, integrity and truth at all cost. Those who died for the truth are heroes of the media and their gallantry will reverberate in the conscience of other journalists who have long abandoned their task and chose to remain silent out of fear for their lives.

The role of the media is to tell the truth. There is no other way. To disfigure the truth means a collapse of journalistic ethics and standards. That is why many media men gave their lives in defense of the truth.


Politicians need media men to let the public know what they are doing. The fact that politicians owe the people the power they enjoy must be responsible in giving what is expected of them, by reporting how they performed and what their platform of government is. Politics and media is a marriage of information: the former is the story and the latter is the story teller.

Other issues become irrelevant if we talk about petty concerns on fashion and other realities of the social world. But politics has a deeper effect on the public for it holds the future of the people on matters about health, education, employment, justice, peace and many more.

The media will always be bias in politics. This is the ideal case for truth must be delivered sans reservation.


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Princess Maleiha

Critical Thinker. Transformational Activist. Peace and Justice Advocate. Animal lover and environmentalist. Writer. Publisher.

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