Float above constraint



My literary contribution to the Linkedin community is to level with all backgrounds– touching souls by communicating with the heart.

I may talk about politics once in a while, but most of my articles will delve on soulful connection–the unification of the intellect and the soul.

You can label me as a soulful writer–for I seek to confront wisdom not by quantitative analysis. Yet I am aware that knowledge is diverse and must always be measurable.

Perhaps, I gravitate towards Einstein’s call for imagination as better than knowledge, but the latter is always required to further the paintings of the mind.

My thrust is more on understanding thyself. To master life is to master thyself.


FLOAT? Float for what or for whom? For what is the relevance of thy float?

I used the word ‘float’ with reference to pressures in life. Hence, I say, you can ‘float above constraint’.

Are you not tired of listening to endless arguments sustained by human ego and the unending struggle for peace to end all conflicts?

Every man can control his destiny through the power of his mind. The ability to face life pressures with confidence to conquer all fears and worries with mental strength is just one of the important actions of ‘floating above constraints’.

I trust in YOUR ability to apply this to your personal life for fate gives us ways and means to diversify our actions when we try to balance the inner and outer pressures in our respective lives.

No matter what you do, never let anything or anyone pull you down and succumb to the pressures of life.

Strive hard to float and not to sink when life becomes heavy to your mind and soul.

I hope this article is able to touch your life today. Love and peace!


Moving On Beautifully


Ladies, I talk to you from my heart.

This article can be you, expressing your repressed thoughts.

This article might be conveying the right words you wish not to speak at the moment.

My dear, I know how you feel.

Getting emotionally stuck for someone? Not good.

Missing someone who has already moved on? Not good.

Wanting to go back to the arms of the wrong person? Not good.

Let me guide your thoughts. I know you have much wisdom, but a friend’s care and loving presence will not hurt, right?

Feelings will continue to hurt if you give more time for it, but if you divert your attention to something worthwhile other than your sentimental self, you can move on as fast as you want.

So dear ladies, here are some quick reality-check tips to shorten your personal agony.

1. Are you sure he is grieving at the moment of parting? Perhaps your special someone has a new one waiting for him. Forget about losing him. Focus on yourself and forget the closed door. Consider it a blessing in disguise.

Perhaps it was best for you to enter a new door that can bring you fulfillment and happiness. Look at the closed door as locked sadness.

So never let it escape again and seize you.

2. He is not the only man in this world. Please stop saying that he is the only man you can ever love. Yay! That is not true, beautiful friend.

Get off your sentimental self and fly. Always be kind and positive and fate will bring you the man of your dreams. Never settle for anything less.

3. Pain can linger so cut it short. Divert your mental focus and personal energy. Give time to those who love you unconditionally.

4. Stay positive and stop overthinking. I have been there and it can make you stupid.

Simplify your thoughts. If the relationship did not work, forget it. If you hate his memories, bury them. The most important thing is moving on, and doing it beautifully.

There are more tips but I will leave it to you to figure them out. You are one awesome and empowered lady, you can do it.

I have been there. Done that. And I say YEYEY!

Oh….I know I will fall in-love again. Promessa.

Let Allah (swt) guide your heart

Allah (swt) has provided the right partner for each woman and he will be the key to bring you closer to Allah (swt). Please stay away from the man who will destroy your Iman.

No matter how good-looking or educated a man is, if he does not have Allah (swt) in his heart, he is not the right one for you.

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Serve Allah (swt) more

Serve Allah (swt) more than yourself..

What I want to say is a loving sisterly advice as your partner in elevating the consciousness of every Muslim to a higher level with the guidance of the Holy Quran.

Have you notice how many of us look forward to a new dress in anticipation of the Eidl Fitr after a month of fasting? How much does one new dress cost in the Philippines? Probably a minimum of five hundred pesos. If you use the money to buy foods for the needy, you will serve not only the needy but also our dear Allah (swt) as well. As a Muslim, are you willing to spend your money for selfless endeavors?

Islam preaches strongly about selflessness–to think beyond yourself. To use the chance you get to touch other lives. To use your personal resources if you have the means to feed the hungry.

But in many societies of humankind, we see only charity when the motive is for personal vested interest. Sadly, we only see the passion for personal gains, but not for the betterment of the entire community, unconditionally.

I do not like to sound like a hypocrite, not needing funds for my daily needs. We are all wanting what we do not have, but as a Muslim, we need to remind ourselves that there are many people who could not eat on time, if not at all.

Many people are living below poverty line and they have chosen to die in their abodes because they have no money for hospital fees. They just decided to spend their few pesos for the cost of their interment. Look at how poverty scars the fate of the poor.

Islam worries so much for the poor that is why the last Prophet of Islam, Nabi Muhammad (pbuh), told his wife, Aisha, not to stay away from the poor for in the Akhira, they are the chosen and most favored ones.

So my fellow Muslims, let us spend our extra money for the poor for Allah (swt) will reward you in the Akhirah, Insa`Allah.

Pray with your heart and worry not if you have to use the same clothes last year for the next Eid. 🙂

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The Agony of a Muslim



If you are a Muslim, it is hard to find serenity in your soul if what you see everyday are bloody images from oppressed citizens in Palestine, Yemen, Syria, Burma and other countries occupied by terrorists in the name of business and politics.

Then someone would pinch your conscience, as if you were insensitive and blind to other faiths whose people were also victims of evil extremists using Islam as an excuse for their heinous crimes.

As if they were telling you that it is not only Muslims who suffer, for even non-Muslims do. Hence, to appease your critics, you tell the truth that you do not intend to discriminate whom to sympathize with.

Not every non-Muslim knows that most of the Muslims cry in their homes whenever they see victims of injustice and their tears do not flow after knowing the victims were Muslims but they grieve because another innocent member of humanity was a victim of human cruelty.

But this is one truth that everyone in this page should learn to understand:

Whenever we pray, we think not only of ourselves and our families but even our fellow Muslims who are too far to reach.

ISLAM IS ALL ABOUT SERVICE TO THE COMMUNITY. It is a faith that teaches all Muslims to reach out to fellow Muslims and if possible, take care of each other’s needs. It is in the Holy Quran that we have to prioritize the poor, the needy and the helpless.

It is a commitment of every Muslim to defend the oppressed members of the Ummah.

You can attack a tribe in the Islamic community, even demonize them as a divide and rule tactic. but as a member of the Ummah they will unite in the name of Allah (swt) before the day ends. They open and end the day praying to dear Allah (swt). How can they forget their fellow Ummah?

That is the WHOLE TRUTH.

~ Princess Maleiha B. Candao
November 29. 2015

How to be happy?




Happiness is a decision

no matter what is happening around you. You must decide to be happy and how to do that are as follows:

1. WAKE UP everyday with the determination to seize the day. What to seize? Anything connected with your passion. The most important word: CONNECT.


2. IGNORE your detractors. He he he.

Let them waste their time thinking of you. It is flattering indeed to know that someone is spending time and effort to think of you. Enjoy their attention.

3. CONFRONT the universe with your advocacy. No matter what that is that can help other people must be sustained. NO matter where you are: online, offline, in your work place, with your friend, on the street, at the top of the mountain. WHEREVER YOU ARE.

4. SMILE. Look at the people

you talk to straight to their eyes. Communicate with your heart.

5. PRAISE people when they deserve. DO NOT criticize people negatively in public.

6. SPEAK UP. Let people know your mind and heart. Be transparent because it will free your heart from the burdens you keep.

7. UNLOAD your negative baggage and FLY.


Dr. Jose Rizal

By Princess Maleiha B. Candao

From the bondage of foreign imperialist, you freed us. Your excellent literary masterpieces had enlightened the dispossessed Filipino people, though you were hesitant at first to pursue the struggle but in the end you gave your life for the truth that you believed in.

You had Muslim blood from your mother, Teodora Alonzo. Your grandfather, Lorenzo Alberto Alonzo was a descendant of Lakandula, a Bornean Muslim. You had Chinese blood too. This makes me wonder what would be your stand if you were still alive today. How would you stand on the issues of Bangsamoro problem in Mindanao? How would you react to the problem on Scarborough Shoal between the Philippine government and China?

An article written by Albina Pecson Fernandez has this to say about you:

“Even if Rizal were denied the role of revolutionary in the nationalist movement on the ground that he advocated with Spain, he would still be considered such in the REALM OF LITERATURE.

You, my dear hero, is one testament that writing your mind and using it as an INSTRUMENT OF CHANGE has been an effective tool to educate a dispossessed society like the Filipinos.

Thank you for your “Noli Me Tangere,” which was a slow slap on the faces of those friars, and your romantic nature peeping in between your lines.

Thank you for pushing the women’s rights in Germany too, which is a testament of your high regard for women. Your letter to the young women of Malolos in 1889 had confirmed this.

Marami pa po kayong nagawa at kulang po ang espasyo dito para ilahad kong lahat.

Salamat po ng marami sa iyong inspirasyon.