Goodbye, Robin Williams

It is not the lost of material things that must worry a man but the lost of purpose in life.

It is not the fame and glory nor the celebrated title that can give happiness to a man but to find fulfillment in his personal purpose in this world.

One of the videos I was able to watch Robin Williams was the episode with an ape. He was smiling, seemed to be enjoying a natural moment with an animal, for he was an animal rights activist.

Maybe because I am an emotional empath so I could see that his eyes showed otherwise. His soul was reflecting in his eyes and he found something that was amiss, and it was unfortunate that his loved ones could not feel that.

What was it that he did not do when he had the chance to do it which made him felt alone, unappreciated or maybe unloved?

These are the questions that would inevitably flow in the minds of his fans. Why did he feel alone? Was he alone literally?

He was into alcohol and drugs, according to news reports and media could only give you an “iceberg peek” into every news item.

The unseen part is always the truth about the issue but they cannot give that exactly for only the people in the news have the absolute validity of truth, but most of them dare not go to that extent.

Was Williams trying to send a public message to the families and loved ones of people whose lives are parallel to his?

Unless we have an official document or solid fact proving that he killed his life for one reason, we can only wonder why and what happened before he killed himself.

For the many, suicide is a cowardly act. In Islam, it is haram. During the ancient times in Europe, suicide results to beheading before they bury the body of the dead.

For we must appreciate life as it is a gift. For most of us chase every lost moment which we willfully waste instead of spending it with the people we love most.

The usual message goes with this article that I wrote as a tribute to the man whose movie, ” Dead Poet Society”, was a blast making a mark in my cerebral faculty.

Wisdom that he had personified which shared the need to celebrate life, but which in real life, Robin Williams denied himself.

He will always be loved for all his great works as an actor and a fellow lover of animal rights.

Farewell dear Robin Williams. I hope you are smiling now wherever you are.

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Princess Maleiha

Critical Thinker. Transformational Activist. Peace and Justice Advocate. Animal lover and environmentalist. Writer. Publisher.

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