What have you done for Gaza?

It is Sunday, the usual day when one finds time for family and friends. Time for bonding with the people close to our hearts.

But these past few days, my heart has left me. It flew to Gaza and bleed with them. My soul was torn into pieces seeing parents holding their lifeless kids in their arms.

And I wonder, deeply wondered…how could a human being like Benjamin Netanhayu, the incumbent Prime Minister of Israel, who is a father and a husband could cold-bloodily order the violent attacks against the people of Gaza?

I need not mention the historical account of how the Palestinian people suffered from Israel. The Israel government’s forced occupation of Palestine has killed hundreds of children, mothers and other innocent Gazans.

If you need exact figures and dates, just google Gaza or Palestine and many credible sites will show you what you want to know.

But of course, it does not include the Zionist media being funded to propagate lies and sustain it. Be not a victim of their propaganda.

Meaning, you all need to be discreet in choosing the information with regard to Gaza. The Zionist media will feed you versions of Hamas as the offender and they will take their lead from there.

Certainly, the main reason for such media hype is to justify the killings with impunity and continue until the last blood of a Gazan is wiped out on the face of Palestine.

Are you now getting the whole picture ? It is Genocide, plain and simple.

This bleeds me again, always keeps my heart bleeding for it reminds me of the same campaign I stood up against the government of Burma which have allegedly committed genocide in Rohingya.

Despite of varied and truthful accounts, the fate of the Muslims in Rohingya hangs in a thread. No one, not even the well- known Aung San Suu Kyi, a peace activist, has stood up to take their cause.

This is the sad plight of Muslims all over the world, and even if history has showed us that there were instances of Muslim aggression in the past, still it does not, and will never justify the genocide launched against us for reasons of faith, territorial greed and ethnic cleansing.

For those outside Gaza and Rohingya, the best way to help is to expose the crimes committed against our fellow Muslims. Silence is permission, cowardice and apathy.

As a writer, I can be held accountable in the life hereafter if Allah has given me the gift of pen but I opted not to write, or the eloquence of words but I have chosen to keep my mouth shut.

What if my next generation asks me if I have done something for this cause, can you really expect me to say that I have done nothing but just cried and ranted?

People of my zone, listen, and please read well every word I shall write on this context:

” To advance the cause of justice, you must stand up. To defend the helpless you must speak up. To expose crimes against humanity, you must spread it and not just let it stay inside your head.”

Electronic jihad is here and an option for those who cannot be physically around for the helpless. It relieves my personal pain and sends my soul to Gaza.

Now, it is my turn to ask: What have you done for the people of Gaza?

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Princess Maleiha

Critical Thinker. Transformational Activist. Peace and Justice Advocate. Animal lover and environmentalist. Writer. Publisher.

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