Anklets ➜

Anklets ➜

✎ I used to recall what my maternal grandmother told me: Only princesses are allowed to wear gold anklets. That puzzled me for I thought that anklets just like bracelets and earrings are ordinary fashion statement. But I did not argue then nor mentioned to some friends who come from powerful families but have no royal lineage. They proudly wore anklets and displayed them all around the school campus.

To me it was a non-issue. Any lady can wear anything she wants to or adorn herself with anything she proudly wants to show off to the world. It is a personal choice. Then eventually, it dawned on me that wearing gold anklet was an act showing respect to my lineage.

After I graduated from college, I started wearing them. To this day, however, I stopped wearing anything on my ankle not unless I have the mood for it. There are days that I appreciate excesses but there are times I want nothing on my hands and feet.

My point is, I can choose to be whatever I want to be but sometimes, out of respect for my family roots, I need to adapt to whatever is expected of me. I do not see that as a form of control..I would say, out of love for my parentage.

(I prohibit the use of this image and my words without my permission.All rights reserved.-Bai Maleiha B. Candao)


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Princess Maleiha

Critical Thinker. Transformational Activist. Peace and Justice Advocate. Animal lover and environmentalist. Writer. Publisher.

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