Farewell Sec. Jesse Robredo


Let us find time to strengthen the bereaved.

Remind them that life ends not to be forgotten but to inspire the many.

Death gives us all the needed time to reflect on the works or services given by great people impressing on the selflessness of their goals and mission while they were still alive.

It is also the time to value the essence of every moment in life.

Lucky are those who have spent their time beautifully on earth.The rest of us have to look forward and let the great contribution of those departed inspire us.

Let us not mourn for the passing of the Late Ninoy and Jesse.Let us pray to God to thank HIM for He gave us the vivid examples of true greatness in their persons. May God keep them in HIS heaven.

~Princess Maleiha

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Princess Maleiha

Critical Thinker. Transformational Activist. Peace and Justice Advocate. Animal lover and environmentalist. Writer. Publisher.

3 thoughts on “Farewell Sec. Jesse Robredo”

  1. They both left a good legacy that we need to nurture. Sec. Jessee died without the nod of the powerful Commission of Appointments despite an excellent accomplishments and unblemished record.

  2. His personal and professional records will speak for his great contribution to the country. The people grieving is a testament of national support to his admirable leadership. I hope and pray that more like him will surface to help shape a better Philippines. 🙂

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