I could smell self-conceit from a distance for it is the twin brother of arrogance. Towering above others, people having this type of personality flaunt their capabilities and think of themselves as indispensable and mighty. Such people I avoid for I only have pity for them.

My thoughts are free for I do not wish to stand above others. I would rather stay beside those I value in my heart and mind. It is comforting to lean on trusted people and not fly above them like stars of unreachable distance.

Not unless they change, arrogant people will forever be prisoners in the mighty tower of self-adoration. They think the rest are below them.

Hence, I rather keep a distance from their likes than insult them by my apathy. All they need are praises, but with that I am empty handed. My hands are full of true words for the right people with kind and humble hearts deserving of accolade.

I have none for arrogance.


Published by

Princess Maleiha

Critical Thinker. Transformational Activist. Peace and Justice Advocate. Animal lover and environmentalist. Writer. Publisher.

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