Karma or Khalafa (in Arabic) exposes itself not only onto the morals of men but on the laws of life itself. A natural cause and effect chain of life which alters themselves through factual opposites like hate and love, pain and joy, rewards and punishment, and so forth and so on.

Karma is God’s way of telling you that your actions are not done unnoticed for fate records it like the ticking of a clock in every second of man’s moments in life. If you spill blood, it will be spilled on your own ground where your footsteps left a mark. Be careful with your tongue, hand and motives. Karma will follow you wherever you are.


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Princess Maleiha

Critical Thinker. Transformational Activist. Peace and Justice Advocate. Animal lover and environmentalist. Writer. Publisher.

5 thoughts on “Karma”

  1. You are right princess Mae.

    Karma will certainly follow us where we are for the basic reason that Karma is embeded within our system. Karma is within the mind. Science calls this as the subconscious. The moment one perform any mischievous or nefarious act, the unified nature of the mind becomes split.

    This brings us to the idea of Tauhid, or Unity. The mind must be in unity. Those suffering from traumas or personality problems are actually suffring from splitting of the mind.

    What happened to Mindanao is karmic. Violence increases the splitting in the mental aspect of the local folks. This is one reason why some local muslims are too prone to violent tendencies.

    And exposure to violence will naturally produce splitting in the minds of those exposed to the violence. The only sure protection is the complete understandng of the mechanics of the mind.

    This is what I am telling you beautiful princess Mae.

    The only weapon to shield the people from this karmic experience is to give them the right knowledge so that they could protect themselves from the onslaught.

    The local folks are unaware that the very method used to destroy the mind is the same method in restoring it. The ignorant are merely sacrificial dogs.

    This is why I am insisting that you know this for the benefit of those whom you love to serve.

    You are a very intelligent lady, I only ask that you take what is beneficial and reject what is useless.

    with the grace of Allah.

  2. I am a trance channel for a Seraphim Angel by the name of Saron. His purpose is to put people on or keep them on the pathway to ascension or enlightenment. I channel publicly weekly at the Ganesha Center in Las Vegas, NV. You can find my blog at:

    I love your blog!
    Thank you for doing what you do!


  3. Thank you darkman and sarongguardian for finding time to comment on my article. I shall always be grateful for all these kind efforts. I will visit your blog ERIK, one of these days. Thanks you again. 😉

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